Our Capabilities
  1. EDM - Wire, Sinker, Drill
    We offer top of the line EDM services by incorporating wire, sinker and small-hole EDM. These machines can create shapes and contours not possible with conventional machining equipment while also holding tolerances of +/- .0001 of an inch. The ability to cut through heat-treated materials as well as carbides makes EDM machinery a perfect choice for cutting through the hardest of materials.
  2. CNC - Mill and Turning
    Our brand new CNC Mill and Lathe equipment are perfect for small to medium sized production projects. By harnessing the latest technology, we can produce high-precision parts quickly and with exceptional quality from materials such as stainless steel, aluminum, metal-alloys, titanium, plastics, and much more.
  3. Manual Mill and Lathe
    We specialize in custom prototype manufacturing across many different industries. Our experienced machinists operate high precision manual machining equipment in order to accommodate rapid turnaround parts with tight tolerances per exact specifications.
  4. Precision Grinding
    Our facility offers both wet and dry precision surface grinding in order to excel in the most demanding applications. Our temperature controlled grinding room allows the machines to achieve optimal performance in order to complete the fine details of every project. Our machines can hold tolerances from +/- .00005 to.0005 on flatness, parallelism, and perpendicularity while providing surface finishes ranging from 4 to 16 RA.
  5. Custom Assemblies
    We offer one stop custom assemblies by incorporating collaborative designs with high quality machined parts, components, and construction. We strategically outsource to other industry experts to provide you with a complete packaged product. Upon job completion, we encourage engineers to visit our assembly room to ensure the product meets their exact needs.
  6. Inspection
    To ensure all parts are made to exact specifications, our quality team uses CMM and brand new Ziess inspection equipment to perform in-process and final inspections on all of our parts. All gauges and test equipment are regularly calibrated in order to maintain accuracy. First article reports, final inspection reports, and other certifications are available upon request.